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magazineAnnuaire d'études françaises. Французский ежегодник

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ArticleOrientalism, Dead or Alive? A French HistoryAuthor : Pouillon, Françoisp. 5-21
ArticleLa France et l'Orientp. 5-446
ArticleLevitas asiatica: the Orient as portrayed by Guibert of NogentAuthor : Luchitskaya, Svetlana I.p. 22-34
The myth on the Trojan origin of Normans and Seljuk Turks in the 11th - 12th centuries Latin tradition
Author : Prudnikov, Vitaliyp. 35-56
Nicolay Bouïdiï on the European diplomatic activity on Bosporus in the mid-18th c.
Author : Meyer, Mikhailp. 57-62
The Travelogue of Gilbert Romme on Crimea: archeological commentary
Author : Храпунов, Никитаp. 63-101
To finish with the myths on the Bonaparte’s Egyptian expedition, or how France turned to the Muslim-Arab world
Author : Bret, Patrice (1949-....)p. 102-121
The Heliopolis battle, or Forgotten Victory
Author : Tchoudinov, Alexandre (1961-....)p. 122-165
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Middle East and Northern Africa in Adolphe Thiers’ politics
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France in the years of the Eastern crisis 1839 to 1841: through diplomatic reports of Baron de Barante
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ArticleRelations between aborigines and colonial administration in French Alger and in Russian TurkestanAuthor : Vasiliev, Aleksanderp. 279-299
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ArticleHistories of the Algerian WarAuthor : Stora, Benjamin (1950-....)p. 318-322
Scholar and his time: Yakov Mikhailovich Zakher
Author : Gordon, Alexanderp. 347-393
Article"Political Anthropology" French Revolution of Haim Burstin: about the possibility of the experience of the historical analysis of revolutionary activismAuthor : Mitrofanov, Andreïp. 347-393
ArticleNew study on the history of Franco-Persian relations: on the work Napoleon and Persia by I. AminiAuthor : Poghosyan, Varoujean Aramazdovichp. 409-415
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ArticleFrom Paris to Moscow by horse: on the book by Jean-Louis GouraudAuthor : Pouillon, Françoisp. 432-437
ArticleOnce Again on the Crimea's Role in the War of 1812: Critical Remarks on Dmitri Malyshev's Paper "The Crimea on the Eve and During the Patriotic War of 1812"Author : Konkin, Denisp. 438-446
Studies in the History of France published in 2013 in Russia
Author : Krylova, Yuliyap. 447-469